Friday, 1 February 2013

My guardians

Hello all, well today has not been a crafting day at all, I got everything together that I wanted to do a special project but my printer was not behaving and took me a good 3 hours to sort it and finally print off what I needed, so tomorrow it will come to life now.

Anyway I thought I would introduce you to my little guardians
My adorable dragons all hand made from Polymer Clay by Donna Craig over at The Dragon Sanctuary on Facebook

Firstly i would like to introduce you to


Amuleth comes with her very own Adoption Certificate and Story 
here is her story 

I first adopted Amuleth when I made jewellery hence her story she was made to my specifications I choose her colours and mentioned I would like her to have something about beading, and this is what Donna did

Now my next dragon I adopted from The Dragon Sanctuary is 


Shotagi is Amuleths brother and here is his story

After Shotagi along came my third little darling


Here is Juna's Story 

I then decided I would love another little dragon for my dragon family
and here he is 


This is Namirith's Story

After a while i had an idea of one more dragon for my little family of dragons, but this one had to be very special with a magical friend that is never seen with dragons and he is one of a kind and his friend is a one off

Raiden and Sayuri

And here is there wonderful story 

As you can see from just the little collection I have these little guys are absolutely adorable
All of Donna's dragons are hand made by her and are made with alot of love and care they all come with their own story and adoption certificate, Donna makes these little guys to order and has come along way from when she first started to make these more and more have been adopted and created you should defo take a look at her work 

And I am sure I will be having a few more of these adorable dragons

Kelly xx


  1. What a wonderful introduction to your Guardians. Thank you for featuring The Dragon Sanctuary on your Blog. Dx

    1. Your more than welcome Donna :) and thank you for commenting on my blog and taking the time to read it xx