Saturday, 2 February 2013

Memorial Bookatrix for a Special Angel Baby

Hello all, well today has been a crafting day I have been wanting to do this special project for a few weeks now since a friend of mine told me about Emily so I had to take a look at the page set up by her mum and dad on Facebook called Emily's Star, it melted my heart I could never imagine what it is like to go through loosing a child. 

So I wanted to do something special for Emily's mum and dad they had no idea that I was going to make this until today when I messaged them explaining and included a picture of what I had done. So here it is

Emily was born on 22/2/12 unfortunately Emily was born with Trisomy 18 also known as Edwards Syndrome, a syndrome that was not compatible with life and Emily's parents had been advised that Emily may only last for 4 days, but Emily survived for 26 days and then sadly grew her angel wings and passed away. Emily also has a star named after her hence the name of the Facebook page.

The page was set up to make people more aware of Trisomy 18 and to raise funds for the Children with Complex Needs Nurses and families across the UK.
You can find out more by going to either the Facebook Page
or by visiting the website

So please take a moment to take a look at the facebook page even give them a "Like" and help to spread the word

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