Wednesday, 5 February 2014

New items and Completed Orders

Hello all :) 

Well the weather here is horrible, not as bad as in some places my thoughts and prayers go out to you all who are in areas that get bad flooding etc.

Well once again I have been very busy with new designs and orders, Today I was going to be going to my friends for a crafty session but come down with a bad migraine attack :(.

Anywaysss well on Saturday 1st Feb i attended a Craft Fair which was not all that good at all due to the venue was changed 4 days before but i still attended as it was for Animal Lifeline, I did make a little profit which is always good :) and had a few orders Yay.

My next event is in April and i am really looking forward to this one :) 

So here are the new things I have been working on :)

These have all been hand painted and hand decorated or just hand decorated  and can be made to order, I have more to come in my wooden gift range so keep your eyes peeled for those :) 

Now for the orders I have completed over the past few days etc :)

Cinderella and Grumpy Valentines Keepsake

 Cookie Monster Valentines Keepsake 

 Turtles Birthday Card

 Thomas 3rd Birthday Keepsake Son

 Thomas 3rd Birthday Keepsake Brother

 50th Birthday Card 

 Muppets Birthday Card - Daddy

 Cookie Monster Birthday Card Fiance

So as you can see I have been very busy, Finally caught up on orders and now have my list of the next batch of orders to work on :)