Thursday, 31 July 2014

Christmas In The Making Stage By Stage

Hello all.

Today has consisted of finishing the customer order which I blogged about earlier, and also a Christmas Sign I have painted for stock purposes.

So here it is before I worked my magic on it, Again the design and cutting was done by one of my talented suppliers, This is how it looks when it arrives from them.

So before I started to paint this beautiful piece I needed to Prime it first with Gesso Primer, the primer helps to stop the paint being soaked up by the wood and gives it a more vibrant look when painted. Here it is all primed and ready :)

Once the primer has dried, I then sand it down with a fine sand paper to give it a smoother finish.
Then the fun begins of painting it, the colours I went for, for this piece were Red,White and Silver with an added sparkle of Silver Glamour Dust Paint, The paints I used to paint it were Crafters Acrylics. I first painted all the red parts layering up the colour each time, then I continued the same but with white and lastly the snowflakes.

Here is the finished piece, all ready to be purchased. I can even do this in any choice of colours.

You can order this via my Facebook page 
Or through my Supermums Craft Fair Stall 


Custom Order Stage By Stage

Hello all

Well I thought I would share with you a custom order I have been working on in stages.

I was asked by the customer to do a In These Moments Time Stood Still plaque with personalisation of when her children were born, So It consisted that she would need 3 clocks with the clock faces etched in with the clock hands. The size of plaque that the customer went for was 30cm. The whole design and cutting was done by one of my many talented suppliers.

Here is the product when it arrived with me from the supplier, this is how it looks before I started my magic on it, as you can see from the picture it is very detailed with the clock faces, then with stars and hearts incorporated.Before this arrived I discussed with the customer what colours she would like, and she had decided on Blue and Silver, so then it was decided for the lettering to be Blue and the Clocks in Silver, With the stars also in silver and the outer edge hearts in a baby blue and the hands in the same blue as the lettering.

So when the item arrived like above (hands are not stuck into place) I sat down and began to work my magic on it, I used a primer before I started to paint it, the primer, gives it that added protection so the paint does not soak into the wood and also makes the colours more vibrant, once the primer has dried I then sand it down using fine sand paper to give a smoother finish. I then began painting it in Crafter's Acrylic Paint in the colours mentioned above, and bought the product to life. I then used some Glamour Dust Paint in Turquoise over the Azure Blue lettering to give it that add sparkle.

Now all that was left to was, add all the personalisation including Names,Date.Of.Births and gluing the clock hands into place for the times each child was born. To do the personalisation I have used some Paint Markers with a very fine tip and hand written these on. The hands have been glued into place using Anita's Tacky Glue.

Here is the product all complete

The wonderful thing is with these plaques is that I can do them with 1 clock and up to 6 clocks, They can even be done for When you and your partner met,Got Engaged and Got Married for the 3 clock version like above, or go for the 1 clock version for when you got married.

These are available to order on my facebook page
Also available on my Supermums Craft Fair Stall

I hope you have enjoyed reading about this order and like what I have done

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Supermums Craft Fair

Hello all, well it has been a long time since I have posted anything here, 

So I thought I would make this blog post about the one and only

Supermums isn't just a networking page on Facebook for small business's but also has its very own website, Where small business's such as crafter's can rent a stall from one month up to 12 months it is entirely your decision what you go for, There isn't even any hidden charges for renting a stall you just pay that one amount for how ever long you want your stall and that is it.

Well what can I say about the lovely lady behind it all Sarah, she is fantastic not only does she run the Facebook page and the website but she also has her own little crafty business and two stalls on their too, Not to mention the groups she has set up such as Supermums Chatty Room, where all stall holders and buyers can see when new products go on stalls but also to chat about your stall and a general chit chat between stall holder and customer, It is a fantastic group and I have met some wonderful ladies on there, everyone's support is marvelous and I personally could not fault it. Also there is Network With Supermum which is for anyone and everyone who is running a small business or even looking for that special hand crafted product.

Sarah also puts a lot of work into what she does and even finds the time to share stall holders work along with her own, and offers great support when and if you need it. Not only that but each week Sarah will pick a Stall Holder of the week for the website where she will pick one person who has been Stall Holder Of The Week and will interview them, So you get to have a little read about that particular person behind that stall. My hat goes off to you Sarah!!

We even get to list 30 items in our stalls and there is no contract like i said above you pay for how ever long you want your stall, even if you want a break from it you let your stall expire and come back to it all when your ready and re-purchase a stall. One of the fabulous options with having a stall is you can either go for a Basic listing or even a Featured listing the choice is yours :) You can find out more HERE about becoming a seller on the website. PSSST!! you can even set up your own discount codes for your stall ;)

My own personal stall is Kelly's Enchanted Castle where you will find 30 of my handmade products listed and at the moment well until the 31/7/14 at 6pm I have a discount of 20% off set up using code summersave. Don't forget you can also find me on Facebook  and on my brand new Website.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post about Supermum and hope to see you over there sometime :). Keep checking back for more posts from me showing you my products and customer orders that have been completed and more