Saturday, 9 February 2013

Completed Customer Orders

Hello all, well today has been a bit of a hectic one, firstly yesterday the better half realised that we needed to get a new suspension arm for the car, which i was not best pleased about at all but it needed to be done, so I was worrying myself over it so today we have been busy ringing around and finally managed to get one so after food shopping the other half went to collect it and then began replacing it so while he was out I got my self busy with some orders.

The first order I completed was a Present Day card, which was my first ever one to do as I had never been asked to do one before, Present Day is a day Jehovahs Witness' do instead of Christmas and Birthdays so it was lovely to be asked to do this sort of card as I had never had such a request before.

I had all the details off the customer of what he wanted on the card including being sent a picture to go on the front and what sentiment he wanted also what to put on the inside so all that was left for me to do was to put my finishing touches to it. So here we are

The front of the card

I started by getting a blank 8x8 card, then it was time to decide on what sort of background to use for such a card, so I went with a lovely glitter star background, I cut this down to size to fit the card, then I chose my next backing paper which was a pale blue with swirls, again i cut this smaller that the first layer, then I chose my last layer which is a stunning glitter purple backing card, again I cut this smaller than the last layer. So now I had my layers which I then used a corner punch to round off the edges as it gives it a better finish, once this was done I then printed out the picture to the size I wanted along with the sentiment, I then cut these out using a guillotine, after I used Tim Holtz distressing ink on the sentiment.

Now it was time to design how I wanted to lay it all out, once this was done I then glued each backing paper down, then used square sticky tabs on the picture and the sentiment, and stuck them to the card in the position I wanted, so now I had my backing papers done, picture and sentiment, now it needed that wow factor, so I used some die cuts which were given to me, positioned them and then glued them down, I then added two butterflies one in the corner of the picture and the other on the purple die cut. I then took some paper roses which I purchased from Wild Orchid Crafts, and glued them into position. Last but not least i then added some Candi dots too opposite corners of the picture. The front was not complete :)

The inside of the card

Now for the inside of the card, I firstly typed out in Microsoft word what the customer wanted, and then printed it onto good quality card, I then got two more of my lovely die cuts and positioned them into place and glued it all down, Finally I then added some lovely clear diamant├ęs  to each corner of what the customer wanted, and again to each end of the swirls on the die cuts.

The second order I have worked on today is a novelty bank note for a customer who ordered this to be done for her daughters birthday.

Front of the bank note 

I designed all of this on a programme I have, the customer sent me the picture of her daughter that she wanted on the bank note, so all I had to do was my magic on the programme I have, once the front was done I then did the back

Once it was all complete I then resized it all and then printed it off onto good quality photo paper, once it had printed I then cut it all out, again used my corner punch to round off the corners, I then put the front and back together and lastly laminated it, cut that out and rounded off the corners with my corner punch

So as you can all see it has been a busy hectic day and my fibro has not been behaving today so had that to contend with aswell.

Kelly xxx

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