Friday, 8 March 2013

New Project

Hello all I hope everyone is ok, me on the other end am now :( my fibromyalgia is playing up today and I am still not sleeping right at night I was up all last night, finally managed to get to sleep at about 10am this morning. So because I couldn't sleep last night I had a brain wave, well I had an empty box frame on my desk and alot of 3D Decoupage and die cuts so the brain started to kick over and I was thinking I wonder, so I put it to the test and well it does work and looks very effective. I am even going to try it by colouring in some of digital images and making them 3D also for the frame.

So now I bet your dying to know how they look - Well I will warn you all this is going to be a long post as i sort of erm got carried away, im sure many of you know what that is like it just can't be helped lol.
So here they are 

This one is a 3D Fizzy Moon Decoupage it was really simple i just made up the decoupage with 3d foam pads, then measured out the backing paper/card and stuck the image to it and then placed into the frame, This one shows with no mount

This one shows the same picture but this time with the mount around it 

Again this one is a 3D Fizzy Moon decoupage made in exactly the same way as above first picture shows without the mount

This one shows with the mount

Now this one is just a die cut silhouette which I gained through a bit of a craft swap, all i have done here is taken a white silhouette for the front and a black one for behind to give it a shadow

Here I have taken 2 different sized Butterfly die cuts with acetate on the back of the wings and clued these onto some backing paper, The butterfly's have actually been placed so they look 3D and coming away from the backing paper

For the fairies I just again did the same I did with the Fizzy Moon, these Fairies come from the Enchanted Range

So as you can see yes I got very carried away I was still making these around 2-3am this morning, I have really enjoyed doing these as they are something completely different and look amazing the pictures really do not do them justice.

I hope you like my new project I found myself doing while I couldn't sleep etc 

Kelly xxx

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