Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Butterfly Clock

Butterfly Tree Clock

Well, I completely forgot to blog about this beautiful product that I worked on a few days ago. It is a working clock and all you need is a AA Battery :) 

Here is the stunning piece before any work was done on it by me.

So here it is, this design was done by one of my talented suppliers, who have done everything from the designing to the cutting, It really is a beautiful piece and one of 3 designs, I will show you another design of this Tree Clock I completed for a customer further down.

I first primed the whole piece with Gesso primer once dried I then sanded it all done with a very fine sand paper to give it a smoother finish before painting.

Once the above was all done, I then decided on the colours I was going to do for this piece, The colours I decided on are: Metallic Black,Purple,Mother Or Pearl and finished with a bit of Silver Glitter Paint and Purple Glitter Paint.

Once all the paint was dried, I could then add the clock mechanism to the clock along with the hands, once that was done it was complete...... Here it is all painted and glittered

This beautiful clock can also be done to your requirements, It measures approx 30cm and can be found on my Facebook Page to purchase or place an order Kelly's Enchanted Castle or you can purchase this clock style from my Supermums Craft Fair Stall

Earlier in this post I mentioned about another version of this I did for a customer, This was all done to the customers specifications from colours of paint to the colour of the hands. This Owl Tree Clock is approx 40cm but can also be done at 30cm 

The customer's choice of colours for this one were, Chocolate Brown, Latter Cream and Gold with Red Hands. 

I have done a few other designs of clocks these can all be found HERE, All of which can be done to your requirements, I hope you have alot of fun looking at my page and the clocks I have done and keep checking back for new designs.


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