Thursday, 31 July 2014

Christmas In The Making Stage By Stage

Hello all.

Today has consisted of finishing the customer order which I blogged about earlier, and also a Christmas Sign I have painted for stock purposes.

So here it is before I worked my magic on it, Again the design and cutting was done by one of my talented suppliers, This is how it looks when it arrives from them.

So before I started to paint this beautiful piece I needed to Prime it first with Gesso Primer, the primer helps to stop the paint being soaked up by the wood and gives it a more vibrant look when painted. Here it is all primed and ready :)

Once the primer has dried, I then sand it down with a fine sand paper to give it a smoother finish.
Then the fun begins of painting it, the colours I went for, for this piece were Red,White and Silver with an added sparkle of Silver Glamour Dust Paint, The paints I used to paint it were Crafters Acrylics. I first painted all the red parts layering up the colour each time, then I continued the same but with white and lastly the snowflakes.

Here is the finished piece, all ready to be purchased. I can even do this in any choice of colours.

You can order this via my Facebook page 
Or through my Supermums Craft Fair Stall 


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