Sunday, 3 November 2013

Christmas Crafting

Well I have been very busy at Kelly's Enchanted Castle HQ getting ready for my upcoming Christmas events.

I have been busy working on a number of new products from cards to decorations and more, so I thought I would share with you all what I have been busy doing over the past few days and weeks, and with another crafty session planned with my close friend and fellow small business owner, so it is all go go go at the minute.

Firstly I have some lovely stocking fillers for the kiddies and adults too 
here we have some 
Reindeer Noses 

Santa Kisses 

Elf Kisses

Another of my new products for this year is 
Magic Santa Keys

I also thought of doing some Handmade Christmas Decorations again as they were popular last year but wanted something different so here they are, I have done 4 different ones so far with more to do 

I have personalised Santa letters also available on my Facebook page these were very popular last year as well so I have done them again this year but with new designs, not only have I done the letters but also done good boy and girl certificates,agreement with Santa and even Nice List certificates.

I wanted to do something special for all the angel mummies and daddies too and I am donating £1 from each sale of these to Staffordshire Sands

In Memory Of Your Baby

These all consist of a poem, a feather either in pink,blue or white and a snowflake decoration in pink,blue and silver, these will make lovely little keepsakes.

So there you have it, and I'm still not close to being done as I still have some more cards,decorations,Santa keys,stocking fillers,hair accessories to do and I will post these up once they are complete 

All of the above can be purchased through my Facebook page 


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