Friday, 1 November 2013

Facing My Fear

On 31st October 2013 at around 4pm, I faced my Fear of Spiders I did this as a sponsored event to raise money for Staffordshire Sands, Not your typical face your fear, the spider (Fluffy) was going on my FACE!!!

I know not everyone has heard of Sands so here is a little about what Sands is Staffordshire Sands are a local support group who can offer emotional support and practical help if your baby has died during pregnancy, at birth or shortly afterwards.

Sands three main aims are:

Support: Support for anyone affected by the death of a baby.Improving Care: Information for professionals caring for bereaved families.Prevention and Research: Working to reduce stillbirths and neonatal deaths

I had been building up to this important event for weeks, and as the days got closer the more nervous I got as I HATE spiders lol, so the day came and with the help of Dale who owns and runs Critterish Allsorts, he helped me to make this happen along with Fluffy.

A little about Dale and his wonderful critters at Critterish Allsorts, Dale offers a number of different things from attending children's Birthday parties with his critters too pet therapy and much more, the work and commitment Dale puts into all this is superb. Dale also owns 2 beautiful Skunks who are Stoosh and Skittles, I have had the pleasure to meet both of these beautiful girls and all of his other critters. You can find Critterish Allsorts on Facebook and if you click on the Critterish Allsorts pic above it will take you to the website.

So my goal was to overcome my fear of spiders, with the help of Fluffy a Chile Rose Tarantula
Meet Fluffy

Dale advised me to hold Fluffy first to see how I felt and to see if I was comfortable enough, so I went ahead with it and here I am holding Fluffy

So after a couple of minutes Dale asked if I was ok to go on and of cause I said YES!! So the next stage and the main ultimate goal was to have Fluffy on my face. 
So here we go she is on my face.


You can also watch it for yourself  Face My Fear

I even got a lovely surprise and treat, Dale not only come along with Fluffy but he had Skittles with him so I got lovely Skunky Cuddles after YAY!!

Dale even took the time to do me a certificate for doing it and I couldn't have been more happy and proud, 

Dale, The Mayor Of Kidsgrove Kyle and Me 

If it wasn't for Dale talking to me to keep me calm and making the odd little joke along the way I don't know what I would have done Thank You So Much to everyone for the sponsors and support and to those who could make it and see it in person. A very big thank you to Dale for all his help and encouragement, Thank you to Fluffy for being kind to me lol!! and Thankies to Skittles for the much needed cuddles.


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