Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A day in Blackpool

Hello all well, yesterday was a bit of a surprise was not expecting it at all, the other half decided to take me on a random drive to Blackpool for the day YAY!!!, Now we have just recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary and I am so happy to say we are also FINALLY planning our wedding YIPEEEE!!! were looking at August 2015 and I can honestly say I can not wait.

Anyways while in Blackpool we decided to take a look at Madame Tussauds while we were there and make use of the merlin annual passes lol, so here are a few piccies of us in Blackpool

After Tussauds we took a walk along the promenade, onto North pier and back down again on the beach 

I was really proud of myself and so was my partner as we did quite a bit of walking and I managed to do it, but we did have a few sit down's now and then and I made sure I took my medication with me this time, we even stopped off for some tea at a outstanding place called New Yorker Restaurant which is on the promenade, the food was OMG!!! delicious we both really enjoyed our meal we even sat outside to eat, We are defo going to go and eat there again.

By the time we made our way back to the car I was exhausted but can honestly say had a brilliant day was a lovely surprise, I was so glad to be in the car though and on our way home, but there was one more thing we had to do on the way home and that was stop off at a service station and grab a Starbucks lol.

We finally arrived home just after 11pm to a lovely little surprise a cute little hedgehog was walking up our driveway so I just had to get the little guy in a blanket and move him out of the way, we also had a lovely welcome home from our Staffordshire bull terrier Prince who seemed really glad to have us home with lots of talking to us cuddles and kisses, but as always he was sooooo gentle with me he must have known I was a little achy and sore.

Prince wanted to say Hi!! (Woof)

 So after just relaxing for a bit on the sofa, we then went bed I must have died when my head hit the pillow, but was then woken up by a wonderful storm NOT!!!

I hope you all had a lovely day, and keep your eyes open over the next few days for a few more updates on what I have been busy doing with regards to new creations, challenge pieces, Staffordshire SANDS news, and event news


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  1. fantastic pics Kelly.looks like you had a brilliant day hun :D

    xx coops xx